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          Installation and commissioning of 110KV booster station of Ningxia China Resources Haiyuan 200MW Wind Power Project

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           Recently, the staff of the engineering and technology department of our company went to Haiyuan County, Ningxia to carry out the installation of the 110KV booster station of the 200MW wind power project. This project includes: 1. Installation and commissioning of equipment and accessories. 2. Cable laying and connection. 3. Grounding production and connection and other related work, our company strictly in accordance with the construction drawings, construction technology and related technical specifications for construction. At the same time, high-voltage electrical test technicians carry our company's self-produced high-voltage equipment for preventive transformer tests. Due to the large workload, our company staff work overtime to complete the work ahead of schedule.

          It is reported that the engineering and technical personnel of our company ensure the safety management of the construction site and clarify the safety responsibilities to ensure the safe and smooth completion of the engineering tasks. At the same time, our company is equipped with professional technicians and complete sets of high-efficiency high-voltage instruments, which can carry out various high-voltage tests on major substations and power distribution rooms.

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